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Article: PC Inventory Advisor Review

PC Inventory Advisor is a powerful and nice network inventory solution. With its help administrators can collect information about other computers on the network, audit installed software and hardware, keep track of changes. The program scans Windows and Mac PCs. It doesn't require any agents to be installed on remote computers.

PC Inventory Advisor offers a number of tools that make software and hardware audit via network very effective. It will list all applications installed on any given remote computer, along with the information about licenses, updates, security patches. It will warn the administrator if some network printer is going to run out of ink, or if there is not enough space on some drive of the remote computer. Customizable HTML reports can be used to represent network statistics and analytics in a self-explainable colorful form, easy to read even by inexperienced people. Information about the company or about the person can be added to the reports.

The interface of PC Inventory Advisor is designed in the Microsoft Office 2007 style, with nice big buttons and the tabbed toolbar. The buttons are logically sorted into a few areas. Network scanning and other complex operations are supported by simple wizards that reveal the full power of the program even to new users. In general, the program doesn't require any references to its manual. Most features can be discovered by looking at its toolbar, with occasional clicks here or there.

PC Inventory Advisor scans and adds all possible hardware devices on the network. WMI-incapable custom devices can be added manually.

With this clever tool you will always know what happens on your network. The comprehensive summary and adjustable reports (software inventory, hardware inventory, alerts, scan logs etc.) are extended by the means of inventory snapshots. You can easily browse the history of your network and analyze changes by using results of previous scans. PC Inventory Advisor keeps information about all network assets ready for well-designed reports, export, or other kinds of data management.

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