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Article: How to contact domain owner?


Sometimes it may be necessary to contact the owner of some internet domain. If the information is available on a certain page of the domain, it's quite easy. But some domains have many pages from different authors, and contact information of the domain owner is not available, or difficult to find.

In such circumstances, a reliable Whois utility is the quickest way to get name, contact information, postal address, email address, and other details about the owner. Whois tools request domain registration data from corresponding servers. The trick is here, of course, to request the right server.

We will consider getting domain whois information with Arm Whois.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Arm Whois to a known location. Run setup and follow on-screen instructions to install the program.

Step 2: Start the program. Get domain owner contacts.

Launch Arm Whois. The program will offer you to register it, but you can also evaluate Arm Whois during its trial period without any limitations.

Arm Whois

The interface is simple. In the left upper corner, there is a field for entering data. You can type in domain names or IP addresses. For an IP address, the program retrieves information about its Internet Service Provider. For a domain name, a whois information is retrieved.

So, enter some domain name, then click "Tools" - "Retrieve domain info". Or simply press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Domain registration information

Whois data can contain different amount of information, depending on the domain. Some companies provide only general contact information, others include names, phone numbers, postal addresses etc.

Arm Whois includes other network information tools, like IP address range calculator, traceroute, ping. It can process multiple entries, for example, a list of domains from a text file.

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