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    GFI WebMonitor is a powerful web monitoring and web security solution you can use to ensure employee Internet usage is aligned with business needs, to generate detailed reports and to protect your network from malicious content. License: Shareware, $310 to buy  Size: 1574 kB

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GFI WebMonitor controls and monitors Internet access, reports on users' website browsing habits and downloads, and provides web security features such as antivirus and malware protection in real time for SMBs, using multiple antivirus engines. GFI WebMonitor gives IT administrators and mangement a comprehensive view which can be used to enhance employee productivity and reduce cyber-slacking. It's reporting and web content restriction capabilities allow companies to effectively enforce an Internet usage policy. Restrictions can be placed on any site, including adult, social networking (Facebook, MySpace), instant messaging, online gaming, personal email and other non-work-related sites. GFI WebMonitor provides URL coverage for over 280,000,000 domains. Through user and site bandwidth monitoring features, IT administrators have the ability to track download and upload traffic and the number of URL hits over time. Capabilities also include the prevention of data leakage through socially-engineered websites and the ability to terminate a web connection in real time.

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