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Arm Whois 3.0

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    Arm Whois 3.0 is a simple in use and effective program, designed both for network security professionals and real users to look up all available information about an IP address, hostname or domain. Saves obtained info, works in a batch mode.

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Arm Whois is a utility that reliably retrieves domain registration information, i.e. when and by whom the domain in question was registered, when the registration expires (or should be renewed), contact information of the owner (postal address, e-mail, phone number etc.). The information retrieval is fast and correct. Find out everything about domain owners with this smart tool!

Arm Whois can also be used to get information about IP addresses, which may be crucial to provide safety, prevent abuse, and so on. The program is able to list country, city, state, internet service provider of any IP address by querying the right database. It will retrieve administrator and technical support contacts. IP addresses can be processed in a batch, with the retrieved information saved to a text file. Learn more about your website's visitors, online acquaintances, or email senders.

The program's interface is simple and doesn't require explanations. Just type or paste an IP address, or a domain name, and click "Get MAC", "Get Name", or "Get Whois". The program will perform an intelligent search and deliver all related information in a user-friendly, readable form. Results can be saved to a file.

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