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Article: How to monitor other users' activities?


Would you like to know what other users do with your computer in your absense?

All activities on a given computer can be logged with a program like SpyMyPC PRO. This tool is an advanced keylogger, which means that it captures all keystrokes and saves them to a special file (log). The program works in the background and isn't visible to the user. It doesn't show up itself in Windows Task Manager, in Windows Start Menu, in the Add/Remove software dialog. You can make it visible only by pressing a secret combination of keys.

SpyMyPC PRO records everything that is typed on your computer, logs visited internet pages, started programs, chatting, and other activities.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download SpyMyPC PRO to a known location. Run setup and follow on-screen instructions to install the application.

Step 2: Start the program. Spy on other users.

Launch SpyMyPC PRO. The main window will be shown.

SpyMyPC PRO - an advanced keylogger

Here you can review details about the monitoring status, current user, computer name, and some basic statistics. To set up the program, click "Settings" on the left.

Select users that you want to spy on

On this page, it is possible to set up monitoring for only a group of users, or for a single user. By default, SpyMyPC PRO monitors all users.

Other settings include starting in invisible mode, starting on Windows Startup, emailing logs every given time. To set up emailing, click "Email Settings" on the left.

Once you send the program into the invisible mode, it can be made visible only by pressing a secret combination of keys. Choose these combinations in the "Hotkeys" area.

As next, specify what you want to be logged. Click "Logging" on the left to get the following:

Select what activities on your computer should be logged

As you see, the program can log every keystroke typed, including passwords, log clipboard contents, record what applications are launched, files and documents access, user inactivity, visited websites, chatting. Every service can be switched on or off, depending on your wishes and on what is important for you to capture.

Monitoring can be started and stopped by clicking on the leftmost button in the lower part of the window.

Click "Hide" to hide SpyMyPC PRO and let it monitor all activities in the background.

To view logs, call the main window (for example, by pressing the specified hotkeys) and click "View Logs" in the lower part of the window. Alternatively, use the key combination specified earlier.

Logged keystrokes and other activities

SpyMyPC PRO sorts all logged activities by their type. Keystrokes are logged with information about what application they are sent to. This allows keeping every detail of what is happening on the computer.

The trial version of SpyMyPC PRO cannot be sent into the invisible mode. To remove this limitation, you should register your copy of the program.

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