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Article: How to protect a computer from keyloggers?


Keylogger is a program that can record all keystrokes and save it into a special file (log). Sometimes it is also capable of taking screen shots. Collected information can be then uploaded to a FTP server, emailed to a pre-defined address, or sent by any other means. Keyloggers are not always spyware, programmers may use a keylogger program to debug applications. However, if you don't develop applications, keylogger is hardly a desirable tool on your computer.

Keyloggers can be used to steal important information, like credit card numbers, passwords etc. A keylogger can be installed as a trojan, or as a part of a virus. Usually it runs in the background, hidden.

It is possible to detect keyloggers with a special tool, Anti-keylogger.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Anti-keylogger to a known location. Run the downloaded setup package and follow on-screen instructions to install it.

Step 2: Start the program. Detect keyloggers.

Launch Anti-keylogger. The program starts detecting keyloggers immediately.

Anti-keylogger about

You can adjust settings by clicking "Options" on the left panel:

Anti-keylogger options

Advanced options are also available:

Anti-keylogger advanced options

The program is able to detect and recognize potentially dangerous software. It analyzes behavior of running processes using a number of techniques. Unlike anti-virus programs, Anti-keylogger doesn't depend on signatures. Thus it can recognize even brand new viruses and other potentially harmful software.

Information about detected modules can be seen in the "Protection policy" section:

Anti-keylogger protection policy

In general, Anti-keylogger runs in the background and doesn't require much attention from the user. It's one of those 'install-and-forget' programs that do their job silently.

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