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Alien IP 2.30

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    Alien IP will show city/country of origin of site visitors, e-mail senders or web domain owners on the world map. It will detect host computer's country by IP. Alien IP will help you analyze web logs, prevent password leakage and reduce fraud.

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German review

Alien IP is a geo locator tool for analyzing visitors of your site. The program is capable of looking through server logs and showing visitors on the Earth map. Thus you can visually analyze how many people come from a certain country or from a certain city. The program helps you protect your server from unwanted traffic and prevent password leakage. It also may be used to track a particular IP address, for example, to show where an email message came from. You can ping remote hosts to find out if they are active.

Alien IP resolves domain names to IP addresses and is able to translate an IP address to other numerical notation. It will help you calculate a subnet IP range. You can learn exact coordinates of a remote host, name of the city where the user comes from, country etc. This kind of information may be helpful when planning a marketing campaign, or for the purpose of preventing fraud and other illegal activities. After studying your server logs with Alien IP you may improve your server's performance by limiting or denying access to those countries and subnets that don't bring any useful traffic.

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