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LastBit Word Password Recovery 12.0.9123

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    Recover password protected documents created in all versions of MS Word, including the latest Word 2007. LastBit Word Password Recovery instantly recovers Word 2003 and earlier documents, and allows advanced attacks to recover Word 2007 passwords.

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LastBit Word Password Recovery is a comprehensive password recovery utility for MS Word documents. Being much more than a ordinary password breaker, the program offers guaranteed password recovery.

There are many other password recovery tools on the market. However, most of them use only two wide-spread methods of breaking passwords: dictionary search and brute-force attack. The problem is, longer passwords that are not in any dictionary are not recoverable in such way. A brute-force attack will inevitably fail on longer passwords, and a dictionary search will be of no help, if the word used for the password is unique.

Unlike typical password crackers, LastBit Word Password Recovery features Guaranteed Recovery and Express Recovery. Guaranteed Recovery is a special method that allows to restore access to any password-protected MS Word document, no matter how complex the password is. Express Recovery improves the previous method even further, so that any password can be broken instantly. The Express Recovery method just removes existing MS Word passwords.

In addition to the above mentioned methods, the program offers other smart password recovery methods. Among them are: Smart Force Attack (tries only natural combinations of letters, a compromise between a brute-force attack and a dictionary search), Password Variation (is especially useful if you remember a part of the password), Instant Password Extraction (works only on documents from older Word versions, doesn't require any computing time at all). Of course, brute-force attack and dictionary search are also fully supported.

LastBit Word Password Recovery doesn't require any special knowledge or skills from its user. It is user-friendly and clear. There's no need to study different options and play with tricky settings. Just open a password protected Word document and let the program decide which method should be used. The process of recovery is completely automatic.

The program supports all versions of passwords: password to open, password to modify, document protection password. It also works with all versions of MS Word. However, if the advanced encryption mode has been used for saving the document, Express Recovery won't work. This is also true for protected MS Word 2007 documents, because of the stronger protection algorithms. In these cases you are to use other supported methods of password recovery.

LastBit Word Password Recovery is being in constant development since its first version that came out in 1997, so it has more than 10 years of experience and optimization. This makes it one of the most advanced and easy to use password recovery tools on the market.

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