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DigiSecret 2.1

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    From: TamoSoft

    An application for strong file encryption, compression, and file sharing (peer to peer). It utilizes time-proven encryption algorithms for creating encrypted archives and self-extracting EXE files, as well as for sharing files over the Internet.

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German review

DigiSecret is a strong file encryption utility. Normally, if you send documents or other sensitive information by e-mail, your message can be intercepted by hackers, by your ISP, or by any other interested person who has enough authority or means to check private correspondence. Interception of such messages is relatively simple, so usually it is not recommended to send any sensitive information via email.

However, there's a way to keep your documents safe. DigiSecret can encrypt both your files and your email message body, so that no interceptor will be able to read them. The program offers support for the world's most reliable and thoroughly tested encryption algorithms, including CAST (128-bit key), Rijndael (256-bit key), Twofish (256-bit key), Blowfish (448-bit key). As DigiSecret is developed outside the USA, it is not a subject to US export restrictions.

Strength of the above listed encryption algorithms has been proven by well-known mathematicians.

You can send your files and emails safely to another person by encrypting them with DigiSecret and setting a password. Once the other person receives your message or your files, he or she should provide the password to decrypt the data. If somebody intercepts your message somewhere in the network, there will be no use of it. Even most powerful existing computers will require millions of years to decode the message.

DigiSecret compresses files while encrypting them, so you won't need to run WinZip or other archive managers to reduce the size. The program has been developed for secure file sharing, which means that both security and file sharing are keywords to its success. As you encrypt a file, the program puts it in a SFX-archive. Once your partner receives the encrypted and compressed file, he or she enters the password and extracts the original file. This kind of package is self-extracting, which means that your partner doesn't need to have DigiSecret installed in order to extract your file.

Yet another feature of DigiSecret is the ability to wipe files and folders. Deleted files can be restored by special undelete tools, even if no Recycle Bin was used. DigiSecret can prevent restoring your files by overwriting the area on your hard drive with meaningless information. The area will be later used by other files just like any other free area, but a file recovery program won't be able to recover deleted files anymore.

DigiSecret is user-friendly, self-explainable and robust. It supports different interface languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian.

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